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The FBI Fitness Test Program

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The New FBI PFT / Workout APP is here:  Complete with videos of exercises, Test calculator / testing APP, 7 week workout, technique / skills video to ace the FBI Special Agent PFT and more...Check out for more info

This article is written to help prepare people who are seeking to become FBI agents pass the New Agent's Mandatory Physical Fitness Test. The workout you can download is a six week program that has been successfully tested with almost ten FBI Academy graduates during the past two years who either trained with me online with the Stew Smith PT Club or locally with my personal training programs.   For scoring ranges and pass / fail criteria click the FBI Test Scores link.

You will also be required to perform what is called the New Agents PFT which is:

1 - Max Situps in 1:00
2 - Timed 300m Run
3 - max Pushups in 1:00
4 - Timed 1.5 mile run

*Max Pull ups (bonus points only - no pass or fail) will be tested at FBI Academy

The FBI Special Agent PFT Elements 

Max Sit ups 1 min.

Trainee lies on back interlacing the fingers of both hands behind the head. The knees are placed at 45 degree angle with the feet and held in place or placed flat on the floor. Trainee raises upper body until back is perpendicular to the floor and lowers to the floor so shoulders touch.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 29 and below 31 and below
0 30-34 32-37
1 35-36 38
2 37-40 39-42
3 41-42 43-44
4 43-46 45-47
5 47-48 48-49
6 49-50 50-51
7 51-52 52-53
8 53-54 54-55
9 55-56 56-57
10 57 and over 58 and over

300m Timed Run
This test is run as quickly as you can.  In order to prepare for a 300m run, you should practice running on a 1/4 mile track which is 400m.  You may have to pace out the 300m to be exact on the track, but start at the beginning of the straight portion, run around to the opposite side of the track and walk the curved portion back to your starting place....REPEAT many times.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 67.5 and over 55.1 and over
0 67.4-65.0 55.0-52.5
1 64.9-62.5 52.4-51.1
2 62.4-60.0 51.0-49.5
3 59.9-57.5 49.4-48.0
4 57.4-56.0 47.9-46.1
5 55.9-54.0 46.0-45.0
6 53.9-53.0 44.9-44.0
7 52.9-52.0 43.9-43.0
8 51.9-51.0 42.9-42.0
9 50.9-50.0 41.9-41.0
10 49.9 and below 40.9 and below
Max Push ups 1 minute
Trainee begins in the front leaning rest position, hands on the floor, arms fully extended, body held straight with the toes touching the floor. As the arms are flexed. the body is lowered to the floor until the upper arm is parallel to the floor. Trainee completes the exercise after returning to the starting position.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 4 and below 19 and below
0 5-13 20-29
1 14-18 30-32
2 19-21 33-39
3 22-26 40-43
4 27-29 44-49
5 30-32 50-53
6 33-35 54-56
7 36-38 57-60
8 39-41 61-64
9 42-44 65-70
10 45 and over 71 and over

     1.5 Mile Run

The distance is covered over rolling terrain. The running surface is black top asphalt road.

Score Female Range Male Range
-2 15:00 and over 13:30 and over
0 14:59-14:00 13:29-12:25
1 13:59-13:35 12:24-12:15
2 13:34-13:00 12:14-11:35
3 12:59-12:30 11:34-11:10
4 12:29-11:57 11:09-10:35
5 11:56-11:35 10:34-10:15
6 11:34-11:15 10:14-9:55
7 11:14-11:06 9:54-9:35
8 11:05-10:45 9:34-9:20
9 10:44-10:35 9:19-9:00
10 10:34 and below 8:59 and below

A scoring system is based on profile of maximum achievement in all events. Physical training is done daily during the 15 week FBI Academy. Failure to meet the physical requirements may result in termination.

As competitive as it is to enter the FBI Academy, it is highly recommended to achieve maximum scores on the above test. A sample above average highly competitive score would be the following:

Pushups - 50-70
Situps - 50-60
300m Run - Men 40-45 seconds
Women 50-55 seconds
1.5 mile run - Men 9:00 -10:30

Women 10:30 - 12:00

To achieve the above scores may take at least six weeks or more even if you are fairly active and workout regularly. Here are some sample workouts to help boost your scores:

Your calisthenics workouts should consist of the above exercises performed every other day for a total of 3-4 times per week. The day of PT rest will help your muscles recover and be able to gain more reps in two minutes. Also practice perfect form but do each of the exercises as fast as you can. Speed and endurance is your goal.


FBI Agent Fitness Test Prep - Testimonial

I passed my FBI fit test yesterday with flying colors, and it was clearly from using your workouts. I scored the highest in my group in all events and set two new records. I ran the 300-meter in 45.92 (my past PR was 48), and I did 57 situps (past PR was 54). I did the 1.5 mile in 10:40, more than two minutes faster than when I first started on your workouts.
I've also lost 40 pounds! 

I started in February with your Need for Speed workout, and then I bought and used your FBI eBook. Your articles on how to take the test were also very helpful. The ice bottles in the hands to keep my core cold, the sports drink for blood sugar, and the pacing and gravity tips all worked to maximize my scores.


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